NEXTCARE specializes in providing complete health insurance management and third party administration services. It combines unmatched flexibility, leading software solutions and customised management services for insurers and other payers of healthcare.

And we are pleased to announced that we are the one to deliver their new office fit out in Eiffel 2.



Taqado is a taste of real Mexico. We’re not talking about sombreros, handlebar moustaches and jumping beans, but classic Mexi-Cal cooking with authentic ingredients, just like you’d find at a sizzling street kitchen in San Fernando, California.

Taqado has a fresh approach to fast food, full of flavour not flavourings. We never want to feel guilty about what we’re serving you, which is why we find the freshest ingredients, marinate our own meats and mash ripe avocados into great-tasting guacamole every morning. Keep it real with us.

Our no nonsense menu lets you put together your meal in 3 easy steps (4 steps with a side order). Choose your meal, base and toppings, spice up your life with some salsa and feel the tingle on your tongue.





MENACORP is a leading award-winning Abu Dhabi based financial services group authorized and regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority of the United Arab Emirates and by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

We provide our clients with world class expertise in investment banking, securities brokerage, asset management and financial research.

We apply our knowledge, extensive contacts, expertise and imagination to deliver cutting-edge financial services in the relentless pursuit of our clients’ interests.

We strongly believe that our values (based on our local heritage) along with our international expertise create value for our wide base of clients which includes financial institutions, corporations, family offices, distinguished high net worth individuals and government bodies.