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One approach, one strategy

A strategy to deliver stakeholder value through a focus on sustainable, profitable growth lies at the heart of our business, which is why our sustainability strategy is consistent with our corporate strategy.

We’ve always said that everything we do to make Cambridge Consultancy & Design more successful business should also help make it a more sustainable one – and vice versa.  We now have one clear strategy for Cambridge that brings both of these ambitions together: our approach to business and our commitment to sustainability are now two elements of the same strategy for profitable growth.

So why do we have a separate sustainability report?  Well, we think there’s still an important story to be told when it comes to sustainability – it’s not just about numbers and strategy, there’s a lot more to tell and we’re really keen to engage our stakeholders every step of the way to 2020 and beyond.

Our approach to sustainability has six focus areas, each with clear targets and milestones.  The six areas have changed a little since our last report so we’ve see them out below.